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Busted Pipe In Knoxville Home

4/17/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Busted Pipe In Knoxville Home Water Damage Knoxville

Water damage can happen at any time. Most of the time it is when you least expect it. Mr. Summner experienced this when he was away on vacation. A pipe burst in his ceiling, but it was not until two weeks later that a neighbor noticed the damage. The pipe had been leaking from an 18-foot ceiling. His first call was to SERVPRO of West Knoxville. Our highly trained professionals came out immediately to asses the damage. Since the pipe had been leaking for an extended period of time there was a lot of damage. 50% of the entire ceiling had to be torn out and replaced. All of the hardwood floors in the house had to be removed. The subfloor was either dried or removed. We were able to replace the flooring. All in all, over 5000 square feet of the house was damaged. Mr. Summner was extremely pleased with how quickly and professionally our team was.

Severe Weather Safety

4/4/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Severe Weather Safety Severe Weather Safety

Severe weather can happen any time, anywhere. Each year, Americans cope with an average of the following intense storms.

- 10,000 severe thunderstorms
-5,000 floods or flash floods
-1,300 tornadoes
-2 landfalling deadly hurricanes

Approximately 98 percent of all presidentially declared disasters are weather-related, leading to around 650 deaths per year and nearly $15 billion in damage. Knowing your risk severe weather, taking action, and being an example are just a few steps you can take to be better prepared to save your life and assist in saving the lives of others.

Know Your Risk. The first step to becoming weather-ready is to understand the type of hazardous weather that can affect where you live and work, and how the weather could impact you, your business, and your family. Check the weather forecast regularly, obtain an NOAA Weather Radio, and learn about Wireless Emergency Alerts. Severe weather comes in many forms and your shelter plan should include all types of local hazards.

Be an Example. Once you have taken action to prepare for severe weather, share your story with co-workers and family and friends on Facebook and Twitter Your preparedness story will inspire others to do the same.

Knoxville Water Damage

3/14/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Knoxville Water Damage Water Damage Knoxville Home

There are many homes in the Knoxville area that suffer from water damage. The first 24 hours following a water loss is the most important in
preventing secondary or permanent damage. Within four hours of loss notification, a SERVPRO® West Knoxville will be on-site to help ensure a water damage is handled by completing the following steps.


SERVPRO® Of West Knoxville will inspect affected areas to determine the extent of water damage
and will review the inspection with you to answer any questions before beginning any work.


SERVPRO® Of West Knoxville will take steps to help protect your home or business, as well as personal
belongings and other contents, from further damage by extracting the excess water and preparing the area for drying. They will explain the needed
emergency services to you step-by-step.


To help ensure your home or business and belongings are dried to appropriate industry standards, a SERVPRO® West Knoxville will monitor the drying process. The updates will be consistently communicated to you.


SERVPRO® West Knoxville will repair structural materials, reinstall carpets, and clean affected areas of your property and belongings. A final walkthrough of the job site will be conducted with you to help ensure the property was returned to preloss condition.


Shut off the water source if possible or contact a qualified party to stop the water source. Turn off circuit breakers for wet areas of the building when access to the power distribution panel is safe from electrical shock. Remove as much excess water as
possible by mopping and blotting. Place aluminum foil or wood blocks of furniture legs and wet carpeting. Move any paintings, art objects,
computers, documents, and other sensitive valuables to a dry place. Don’t enter affected areas if electrical outlets, switches, circuit breakers, or electrical equipment are exposed to water. Always
avoid electrical shock hazards. Don’t use your household vacuum cleaner to remove water; this
could cause electrical shock or damage to the vacuum cleaner.
Don’t turn on ceiling fixtures if the ceiling is wet or enters rooms where ceilings are sagging from retained water.

For more information on
recovering from water damage,
contact your local SERVPRO®
West Knoxville

Benefits of Cleaning Your Air Ducts This Spring

2/27/2018 (Permalink)

With Spring comes fresh air and sunshine, and you will want to enjoy it as much as possible! Make sure your ventilation system is clean and free of dirt and dust so that your indoor air quality is springtime fresh!

Dirty ventilation systems are often the biggest culprit when it comes to poor indoor air quality. It might be a good idea to schedule an inspection of the ductwork in your home or business. If your HVAC has been operating for some time without any attention, some of the following materials could be circulating through your interior air space:  

  • Dust,
  • Pollen
  • Dirt and debris
  • Odors
  • Other contaminants

The benefits of cleaning out air ducts this Spring include: helping your unit(s) to run at peak efficiency, helping to eliminate offensive odors, and reducing the potential for any mold growth.

Some mold growth can even cause allergies to flare up in some people. These situations could be related to mold growth or poor air quality, and clean air ducts will prevent these types of issues. It can also be a great way to extend the life of your heating and cooling equipment, by lowering the amount of stress on your system.

If you are thinking that getting your air ducts cleaned might be a good idea, contact a professional. The company that you use to service your HVAC system might be a good source of information. There are companies in the West Knoxville area that professionally clean air duct systems, and SERVPRO of West Knoxville/Farragut is proud to be one of those companies! If you need assistance in getting your air ducts cleaned, please contact us today!

SERVPRO of West Knoxville/Farragut is here to help with water damage, fire damage, and mold prevention and remediation. You can contact us here at (865) 690 9658 or visit our website:

SERVPRO of West Knoxville/Farragut


2/21/2018 (Permalink)

We’ve all seen the sensational news reports warning us about the dangers of toxic mold, or “black mold”. These reports can be extremely alarming, so let’s get down to the facts so that we can better understand the issue, its dangers, and how to prevent it.

The scientific name for the mold that is often called black mold is Stachybotrys chartarum. It can produce both allergens and irritants. However, many other types of mold can produce those same allergens and irritants, so it’s best to treat any mold with caution. Do not touch or disturb any mold found, and be sure to stay out of affected areas.

Mold can affect the body negatively if not treated, and a minor mold problem can quickly grow into an infestation if left untreated. Our family-owned and operated team at SERVPRO of West Knoxville/Farragut are trained to handle any type of mold remediation and are available 24/7 to meet your mold remediation needs.

Mold spores are microscopic and are everywhere. They float in the air, so they are able to enter your home through windows and doors, or HVAC systems. When water intrudes into your property, mold growth can start in as little as 48 hours! Mold spores thrive on moisture and can quickly grow into colonies when exposed to damp conditions. It often produces a strong musty odor, so that very odor can lead you to areas in your home that could be a problem. Keeping the humidity level in your home below 45 percent can be a big help in blocking the growth of toxic mold in your house.

Many types of mold can cause adverse reactions, so you should contact us here at SERVPRO of West Knoxville/Farragut regardless of the color or type of mold found in your home. Many types of mold can exist in the same house or structure. Call us immediately at (865) 690 9658 if you suspect a toxic mold issue in your home, or visit us online at to learn more.

Preparing Your Home to Transition from Winter to Spring

2/13/2018 (Permalink)

There’s still snow on the ground here in West Knoxville, Tennessee, but there are also robins in the yard. And if you look closely you can see the tiny green spears of daffodils and crocuses peeking out. Spring is just around the corner! And we know you are ready for it. Is your home? Here are a few things to think about when it comes to the transition from cold winter weather to the warmth and sunshine of spring.

Rising temperatures mean melting snow and ice, and accumulated water can cause water damages to your property unless you are prepared.

First on your list should be your gutters. They can be full of dead leaves, small branches, and even dirt from the rough weather. Get those gutters cleaned out right away so the spring showers don’t cause mold problems and water damage to interior walls, because that can be a big issue. Make sure the downspouts are directing water the right way, as well. Tough West Knoxville winter weather could have caused them to change position.

How’s your roof faring? As the melting begins, keep an eye on it to see if any leaks have started due to storm damage over the past few weeks and months. Take a look at any vents to see if vegetation or mold has take hold, obstructing air flow.

The filters in your HVAC unit likely need to be changed, and you will want to clean out ducts, vents, and the system itself. Duct work can be hard to check, so you may need to contact West Knoxville professionals to come out and help.

Your windows have taken a beating, so you will want to inspect them for storm and water damage. Cracks, damaged weather stripping, improper fit; all these issues can cause problems down the road. Now is a great time to get them professionally cleaned and let that warmth and sunshine in!

Shovel any remaining snow 3 to 5 feet away from your foundations and keep an eye out for cracks caused by the harsh winter conditions. They can be caulked and sealed as soon as you notice them, and you’ll be ready for whatever comes.

You can check your hoses and sprinkler systems at this time and replace anything damaged by all the storms and the water from melting snow and ice. Uncover plants, and believe it or not, fertilize the lawn and garden!  

While you are inspecting your home, if you notice any severe storm damage, take pictures for insurance purposes, in case you need to file a claim.

And don’t forget to call us here at SERVPRO of West Knoxville/ Farragut for all your repairs and clean-up needs! We specialize in water and storm damage, fire damage, and mold prevention. You can contact us by phone at (865) 690 9658, or visit us on our website: SERVPRO West Knoxville/ Farragut

Is Your HVAC Unit Ready for Winter in West Knoxville?

2/6/2018 (Permalink)

Some of the harshest weather is still yet to come before springtime arrives. January and February are some of the toughest months to get through when it comes to snow, ice, and cold rains, and in some areas of the country, March can be pretty unpleasant, too!

You want to be ready for whatever comes and be able to keep your family, employees, and yourself warm and dry while the cold winds blow. Is your HVAC unit ready for an icy blast?

There’s still time to take care of that!

If there are any undone repairs on your HVAC, get them done now, since cold and snow will almost certainly make any standing issues worse. Double check that the system is working efficiently, and if it isn’t, call a licensed professional to come get things in working order.

Most HVAC units are located outside in the elements and have been covered with dirt, bugs, and debris after a long, hot, West Knoxville summer. Take some time and wash your unit off with a garden hose or damp cloth, ensuring that none of last season’s dirt creates any problems for you during this season’s cold and wet.

If you haven’t already had the filters changed, there’s still time to do so. If your heating consumption is pretty normal, then it’s suggested that filters are changed monthly, to keep your HVAC working well during peak usage times.

Another good idea is to test your thermostat to see how long it takes for your unit to bring the temperature up to where it is set. If it takes too long, a visit from a West Knoxville HVAC professional might be in order.

If you have separate heating and cooling units, cold weather is the perfect time to look at your air conditioner to make sure it’s ready for the heat that is just around the corner!

Here at SERVPRO of West Knoxville/ Farragut, we are always ready to come and help with any weather-related issues or concerns. Storm and water damage, fire damages, and mold prevention are just a few of our specialties! Call us today at (865) 690 9658 or visit our website:

SERVPRO West Knoxville/ Farragut

Safety Tips for Your West Knoxville Home Fireplace This Winter

1/30/2018 (Permalink)

A fireplace is a wonderful thing to have during the cold and wet winter months here in Knoxville. They lend a cozy ambience to any home, large or small, and the mantle of a fireplace is a great place to put holiday decorations, greeting cards, and pictures from holiday celebrations. But your fireplace needs to be properly maintained, as they can also be dangerous and serious fire damage hazard. Here are some helpful suggestions.


  • Have smoke and carbon monoxide alarms installed throughout the home and keep them in working order at all times.
  • Ensure that materials such as carpet, drapes, and furniture are kept away from the fireplace while it is in use. All of these materials are combustible and must be watched carefully to avoid fire damage to your home. Use a firescreen to keep children and pets away from the flames and to make sure that sparks are not projected near anything that could catch fire.
  • Keep the ash accumulation under control, cleaning it out when it reaches the bottom of the grate. This can impede air flow and also make building your fire more difficult. When removing ash, it’s a good idea to wear a dust mask and gloves.
  • A certified sweep in the Knoxville area can inspect and clean your wood-burning fireplace and chimney; once a year or more can keep you and your family safe. The Chimney Safety of America maintains a list of approximate 1500 chimney professionals that actively care the Certified Chimney Sweep credentials. They can be contacted in 49 of the 50 states.
  • A good way to test the safety of your fireplace is by lighting a few small pieces of seasoned wood. If the smoke doesn’t exit up into the chimney but goes out into the room, immediately troubleshoot and correct any problems. These can include: creosote or soot buildup, debris in the chimney such as bird or animal nests, a closed or partially closed damper, or even wood that is damp; all of which can pose serious fire hazards and risk fire damage.
  • Make sure you burn only seasoned wood. This is wood that has been cut and dried under cover for 6 -12 months. Green wood does not burn as thoroughly and creates more soot and creosote buildup, creating problems with your fireplace. Hardwoods, such as oak, ash, and maple are dense and heavy, delivering more heat than lighter softwoods, such as pine, poplar, and cedar; you should have no problems finding these woods from a plethora of different sources in the Knoxville area.  

These simple tips can keep your fireplace safe and in working order all winter long. And remember to call SERVPRO of West Knoxville/ Farragut at (865) 690-9658 or visit if you need any help with water damage, fire damage, or mold cleanup around your home or office this chilly winter season!

Deep Cleaning Your Mattress for a Mold-Free Bedroom

1/23/2018 (Permalink)

During the winter months here in Knoxville, we spend a lot of time indoors. It can be a good time to take care of some of those chores we forget about during good weather to help keep your home clean and mold-free.


Baseboards, floors, and windows can use some attention, or maybe you’ll want to empty out some closets (dark corners of a closet can harbor some serious mold growth that is difficult to detect.) Doing a bit of deep cleaning might be a good way to spend a cold day in the Knoxville area indoors, and a deep-cleaning truly wouldn’t be complete without giving your mattress some serious attention. It’s also a great way to get a good night’s sleep!

There is no need for harsh chemicals when cleaning your mattress; believe it or not, all you need is a box of baking soda for this project! You can add essential oils to the compound and gently scent your bed to enhance your sleep with their quiet, peaceful aromas.


  • 16 ounce box of baking soda
  • Essential oil in your favorite scent
  • Vacuum cleaner


To begin, flip or rotate the bed, which is a good idea to do every six months anyway - it prevents sagging and extends the life of your mattress. While you are cleaning the mattress, make sure you wash all bedding and fluff your duvet or feather bed/comforter in the dryer.

Opening the box of baking soda, add 10 to 20 drops of your favorite essential oil (lavender, sandalwood, chamomile, or ylang ylang can be good choices). Close the box, shaking well to distribute the oil and break up any clumps. By the way, did you know that essential oils are natural antibacterials?

Sprinkle the mixture over the bed, and use the entire box. Rub the mixture into the mattress and leave it on for at least an hour. While the magic is happening, take this time to wipe down the walls, bed frame and floor, and check the floorboards and corners for possible moisture and mold growth. After at least an hour has passed, you can vacuum your mattress, working slowly to make sure all the powder is removed.


This mixture lifts dirt and residue, while wicking away moisture, which improves the air quality in your bedroom and helps keep it mold free, and giving your mattress a good vacuuming gets rid of dust mites, which is always an aid to better sleep! Make up your bed again with your clean sheets, blankets, and pillow covers and top off with your fluffed duvet or comforter! Add your toss pillows, and voila!

Hopefully these tips will lead to a cleaner, more inviting bedroom for you! And remember to call SERVPRO of West Knoxville/ Farragut at (865) 690-9658 or visit if you need any help with water damage, fire damage, or mold cleanup around your home or office.

Prioritizing Commercial Cleaning During the Winter in Knoxville

1/17/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Prioritizing Commercial Cleaning During the Winter in Knoxville Keep your Knoxville business clean during the winter months and your customers and employees will thank you!


The winter months pose challenges to keeping your Knoxville business clean and dry. Snow and ice from winter storms affect floors, windows, parking areas, and roofs, while the cold and sickness affect how your staff feels and can slow down their ability to be productive.


You may be tempted to skip window washing services during the winter due to those frequent storms in the Knoxville area, but the aftermath of those storms is the very reason you need to keep them clean. Dirty windows are cloudy, reducing the amount of sunlight allowed into the office and customer spaces, while less passive heat will make it inside when exterior windows are not clear. Natural light boosts the moods of both your employees and customers and promotes healthy productivity and activity levels, while any passive warmth your business receives will lower heating costs. A boost of bright sunlight from the windows can breathe new life into your workspaces during those gloomy winter months, and that's not all! Sunlight also helps to dry any slick, wet floors and helps to keep excess moisture under control. Maintaining the cleanliness of your windows during the winter months will lighten the mood and make a good impression on your customers.


Spread by viruses, flu and the common cold run rampant during the winter months. Cleaning and disinfecting your office equipment regularly, especially those handled routinely by your staff, such as phones and keyboards, countertops, tables, doorknobs and public areas, is vital to preventing the spread of germs. Commercial cleaning services can get the job done for you with eco-friendly products that will leave your office smelling fresh and clean while alleviating concerns about noxious chemicals lingering in the office atmosphere. Keeping viral and bacterial germs under control prevents sickness and reduces the loss of productivity due to employee absences.


An office here in Knoxville can get stuffy and suffer from air quality issues during the winter while the windows and doors remain closed, but the problem can be handled by installing an air cleaner and adding plants to the office. Research done by NASA in 1989 showed that houseplants remove toxins from the air, keeping it fresh and healthful. Many plants thrive in the low-light conditions common in offices, and placing live green plants in work areas, customer areas and break rooms brings a touch of nature inside, helping to lighten the mood while also preventing poor air quality.


Wet, dirty floors can pose safety hazards for both your customers and your staff. Having your bare floors mopped and carpets vacuumed on a regular basis will help to avoid mishaps. Not only does it prevent people from slipping and falling on floors that may be wet or dirty, but it also keeps air moisture levels down, which can help greatly prevent mold growth! While your own office team may need to mop customer areas frequently throughout the day to prevent any safety issues, a cleaning service here in Knoxville can shampoo carpets or polish floors after business hours. They can also share best practices with you on how to keep your floors hazard-free and looking good during the day.

Keeping your business clean could be the best New Year’s resolution you will make! We here at SERVPRO of West Knoxville/ Farragut are here to help with all of your commercial cleaning, water damage, fire damage, and mold clean up needs in 2018. Give us a call at (865) 690-9658 or visit and let us help you get off to a great, clean start this 2018!